Rime Shedra NYC
Welcome to the Internet home of the Rime Shedra of New York City, a program of Buddhist study and practice at the Shambhala Meditation Center of New York coordinated by Derek Kolleeny. This program is a continuation and, after many kalpas of further study and practice, a culmination of the first two years of the Shambhala School of Buddhist Studies. Further information about the curriculum of this program can be found at the Dharma link above.

In Tibet, from whence the Shambhala lineage is derived, a shedra is a monastic institution dedicated to immersive and intensive study and practice of the five major topics of Tibetan Buddhism:

  1. Paramitas: The study of the Mahayana path
  2. Madhyamaka: The study of philosophy
  3. Pramana: The study of logic and epistemology
  4. Abhidharma: The study of psychology
  5. Vinaya: The study of monastic discipline

The Shambhala mandala in the West is non-monastic. The Rime Shedra of New York City is an attempt to adopt the Tibetan shedra model to such a context. Where the Tibetan shedra model uses the isolation of a monastic community to facilitate discussion, debate, and practice among its participants, the Rime Shedra of New York City will seek to facilitate these same activities through the ubiquity of the Internet as a supplement to the regular meetings of the Shedra courses, weaving those Buddhist activities into the worldly lives of its participants. It’s important to keep in mind that this site is only a supplement to the course meetings of the Shambhala School of Buddhist Studies and is not meant to be used independently.

Further information, including readings, course syllabi, and recordings of discussions, can be found on the Dharma page. Discussions among Shambhala Shedra participants can be found on the Sangha page. Participation in these discussions is limited to registered Rime Shedra of New York City participants.

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